Our main production of security seal , plastic seal , security bolt seals, cable seals, power meter seals, disposable container seal ,plastic padlock etc. more than 20 series, thousands of varieties.

Welcome to Hamza Trading

We are the pioneer of Industrial equipment, we provide every kinds of Seal like Bung Seals, Plastic Bung Seals,, Spout Seals and many others you can find in this website easily, other than we deals in every kind of industrial Tools just like Caping Tools, Closing Tools, Sale More, Deep Rod, Strap Hooks, and many other you can see OUR TOP PRODUCTS.

Round Caps/Lids, Drum Cap Seals/Bung Seals, Lock Seals Plastic Drum Cap Seals/Bung Seals, Manual Crimping Tools, Pneumatic Crimping Tools, Pneumatic Caping Tools, Drum Opener Key, Drum Measurement Rod (Deep Rod), Rubber Strap Hooks, More sale seals, Spout Seals, Cargo Container Seals, Plastic Bungs, Door Number Plate, Anchor Bolt, Filter Cloth, for Lubricating companies, Chemical Industries and others Factories.

Vision & Mission

aims to be accompany committed for quality and customer satisfaction, its expertise relates to its ability to develop high quality products, tailored to meet the highest standards of performance in specific applications.